West Virginia’s work force continually diversifies to meet the needs of business and industry. Business leaders appreciate employees’ loyalty, strong work ethic and commitment to superior product quality. They also give high marks to West Virginians for productivity, reporting a wide selection of qualified candidates, high productivity and superior quality products, low absenteeism, a strong work ethic, low turnover and lengthy tenure. Click here for testimonials, impressive in their breadth and quality.West Virginia has major advantages for groups or clusters of related industries. The West Virginia Development Office screened these industries for degree of presence and growth in the state, growth in the economic region, future national growth prospects and degree of compatibility with state resources. As a final check, a detailed analysis of operating costs and profitability was prepared for an average company in West Virginia compared to the 10 surrounding states considered West Virginia’s principal competitors (Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina).

Follow the links below for excerpts from the office’s research, comparing wages and labor availability.