Read about West Virginia’s economic development assistance, the state itself and its resources. Also included below are informative brochures rich with detail on key industries and the West Virginia workforce, raw materials and profit margins for each one.

West Virginia’s
2007 Annual Report
A New Day

West Virginia’s leaders – in government, education, labor and business – are working together to attract more businesses to the Mountain State and to assist those businesses that are already here. This report celebrates the state’s recent projects and accomplishments of the past year.

West Virginia’s Business Climate: Positive Changes, Positive Results

West Virginia is putting its “Open for Business” saying into action, with workers’ compensation reform, state service efficiency improvements and progressive tax modernization. Find out what these changes mean for you and your business.

DuPont Belle Plant

View information on sites available at the DuPont Belle plant, and find out how locating here can support your chemical-based business with existing infrastructure.

Aerospace Industry

Learn more about West Virginia’s advantages for the Aerospace industry, one of the fastest-growing sectors of our economy.

Specialty Chemicals

Capitalize on the geographic advantages of West Virginia’s Chemical Alliance Zone. Get the details on why this state is an economic leader and net exporter in the specialty chemicals sector.

Value-added wood products

The wood industry and West Virginia are a natural team. Find out more about the state’s 12 million acres of forestland and 75 billion board feet of timber inventory that form the basis of a thriving wood industry.

Wholesale and distribution industry

Why are big name companies establishing major operations in West Virginia? You too can find what these firms have discovered in West Virginia, including the state’s strategic location within overnight reach of 50 percent of the U.S. population, the Freeport Tax Exemption Amendment and other competitive advantages.

Metal working

West Virginia’s large metalworking work force comprises more than 65,000 skilled workers. Find out how this productive labor pool, combined with competitive costs in vital areas such as energy and materials, combines to work profitably for you.

Information services

The information technology cluster is one of the fastest growing sectors in the West Virginia economy. Get the details on which segments are experiencing the greatest growth, and why.

Automotive industry

The motor vehicle parts and equipment cluster is one of the fastest growing sectors of the West Virginia economy. Get the details on advantages that include readily-available raw materials and an affordable, skilled work force whose productivity has ranked number one nationally in motor vehicle parts manufacturing output per employee.

Biomedical industry

Capitalize on a steady supply of trained biomedical scientists and technicians provided by West Virginia’s three medical schools, including nationally recognized advanced degree programs in forensic sciences. Read this brochure to discover more.

Plastics industry

The plastics industry is already well-established in West Virginia. Read more details about the state’s suitability for this thriving industry.

Energy and environmental technology industry

The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory in Morgantown employs more than 600 scientists and research specialists. Read more about West Virginia’s thriving energy industry.

Business services industry

The business services cluster is the fastest-growing sector of the West Virginia economy. Read more details in this brochure.

Orrick, Herrington, and Sutcliffe: Wish you were here!

Orrick, Herrington, and Sutcliffe, a major global law firm, chose West Virginia as the location for its worldwide global operations center. Find out why.

Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries

West Virginia’s nationally significant biomedical research facilities and strong chemical industry presence give the state impressive biomedical research capability and opportunities for contract manufacturing, critical to companies that manufacture active pharmaceutical ingredients.

West Virginia’s assistance program highlights

West Virginia’s impressive Development Assistance Program ensures that your company will have the best resources available: workers, financing, training programs and access to decision makers.

West Virginia No. 1 business location

West Virginia has the lowest business costs among the mid-Atlantic states, according to Business Facilities magazine.
Wall Street Journal: West Virginia the perfect match for biometrics

As recognized by national business publications, including the Wall Street Journal, West Virginia is quickly becoming a hub of cutting-edge developments in the biometrics field.

Your biotechnology connections are in West Virginia

West Virginia invests millions in competitive research grants and offers a refundable R&D; tax credit. Startup and emerging R&D; businesses are welcome here.

Automotive workers earn praise

Check out an impressive list of companies that supply the automotive industry with operations in West Virginia.

West Virginia’s proximity to the US auto industry

Did you know that West Virginia has over 30 suppliers to the US auto industry? Take a look at this map to see how close we are to all of the major US manufacturers.

Chemical industry thrives in West Virginia

More than 128 chemical and plastics manufacturers and 17,188 employees have made West Virginia home, including such industry leaders as Dupont, Dow, General Electric, Bayer, PPG, and BASF.

International Investment in West Virginia

The world invests in West Virginia. The state has attracted investment from across the globe.

AEP: Wish you were here!

With kilowatts to spare, it’s no wonder West Virginia offers some of the lowest rates in the country – almost
20 percent below the national average. We know you can’t compete in a global economy when your power is out.

Wish You Were Here!
Mark Dempsey
West Virginia President, AEP

Tom Seely Furniture: Wish you were here!

West Virginia’s world-renowned woodworkers — part of a largely untapped, skilled and loyal work force, hand-build furniture that families across the country treasure.

Toyota: Wish you were here!

Toyota came to West Virginia — and West Virginia delivered.